Wrist Shot Training: Wrist Snaps

The Wristshot is the first shot that most hockey players learn, it is the most commonly used shot in all levels of hockey, the most accurate, and results in the most goals. In this series we are working on improving the wrist shot by focusing in on a number of “building blocks”.

Every week I will feature a new area of the shot that you can focus on. By practicing each of the exercises shown in the videos you will gain a deep understanding of how to get EVERYTHING out of your shot.

Using Your Wrists in the Wristshot

Getting “Snap” in your shot

Players might remember their coaches telling them to snap their wrists, or get more snap in their shot. This is essentially what they are talking about. Performing this closed-open-closed motion in the shot helps you get extra power and accuracy by using your wrists to gain more control of the puck.

How to Use this Drill

Get about 20 pucks
Shoot them while trying to only generate power from using the wrists (as shown in video)
Have your shoulder and chest facing the net so you are comfortable in different situations
repeat a few times per week until you can generate some good power with just your wrists