Flexing the hockey stick to get more power

Most hockey players know that it’s important to flex the stick during the slapshot in order to load the stick and get more power into the shot, however the same effect takes place with the wrist shot and snapshot. In this video and article I will explain how to flex the stick in every type of shot to help you get more power.

How Flexing the stick works

hockey stick flex shot

Why am I looking at a man in a skin tight banana hammock? Well you see, that diving board is a lot like the stick Stamkos has in his hands. In order for that diving board to propel you into the air, you first must push down on it. Just like Stamkos has to push into the middle of the stick, before he can get full advantage of the potential energy that gets stored into the stick.

By flexing the stick before the puck is released potential energy is stored in the stick
The stick flexes, and then recoils, launching the puck at the net

Pulling the Puck Back for Power

Scientific studies have been done about the wrist shot, and hockey obsessed people like me have read them. One interesting (and maybe somewhat obvious) point for producing power in your shot is contact time.

Contact time is the amount of time the puck is in contact with your stick blade from the beginning to the end of your shot. Studies show the more time the puck is on your blade during the shot, the more time you have to add more power to your shot. In comes our video on pulling the puck back.

Shooting Exercise

To get more power in your shot, grab about 20 pucks and practice pulling the puck back before you shoot. Pull it back to different spots, sometimes only a few inches, other times well behind your back foot. Work on different body positions as well.