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One downside of being a hockey player is there isn’t much hockey to be played in the Spring and Summer. Luckily there is the Hockey Sauce Kit! We take this beauty out to the streets of Toronto to have a little fun. If you don’t have a sauce kit you can save 10% on yours […]

How to Beat the Goalie


In this video I show you how to beat the goalie. There are a few pieces of advice that are very important. #1 is to have your head up and read the goalie to see what he’s giving you. If he’s far back in the net you should usually shoot, or if he’s out of […]

Coolest Hockey Products in 2016


I just got back the Lets Play Hockey expo and found some really cool hockey products. I wanted to share them with you so I included a bunch of my favourites in this video. I have links to all the products below if you’re interested in picking any of them up. LINKS BELOW HOCKEYSHOT training […]

Beer leaguer attempts Bud Holloway move


It’s never too late to make it pro! That’s why @thehockeybeard came to me to work on his training. Inspired by Bud Holloway I set up this drill. Keep training beauties If you think this is funny check out The Hockey Beard on instagram –

Mammoth Hockey Bag Review – Made of truck tarp!


These may be the best hockey bags in the world, I test it out and share my thoughts in this review of Mammoth bags – My overall thoughts on the Mammoth bags are very positive. You can tell that these bags are made with quality products and made to last. A common problem with […]

Shooting analysis with Calgary Flames Lance Bouma


In this video I take a look at Lance Bouma running a drill with Tim Turk. The drill involves a pass and shot in quick succession. Some key points here When receiving a pass, give the passer a target Don’t over handle the puck, bring it in to your sweet spot and shoot it When […]

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Colt Hockey

Colt Hockey is innovating the hockey stick market with an attempt to create a hockey stick that will last! Colt has done this with a nano steel coating that protects the bottom of the hockey stick. The nano steel coating will protect the stick from slashes and cracks that lead to breakage. To learn more […]


Scrappers Hockey

Scrappers hockey makes quality hockey apparel. I have found that their t-shirts, style, and design are unlike any other hockey apparel company out there. To check out some of their gear visit Scrappers Hockey


HockeyShot is the #1 source for hockey training aids. HockeyShot carries everything a hockey player needs to start improving their skills. If you are new to training for hockey at home you might be a little lost. I have put together a video and article on the essential training aids I believe every hockey player […]

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